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Magyar Ak​ć​io: Tot​á​lis Expanzio

by Phÿcus



July, 1997. Neoists from around the globe converge in Hungary for a series of festivals in the cities of Vac, Budapest, and Debrecen.

The participants include BruSeX and Brian Damage representing Phÿcus, zany American performance artist tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Neoist Chef Gordon W. from Berlin, Toronto PoPo artists Jubal Brown and Jada D'Aversa, Montreal-based lecturer and performance artist Ghera, Angela Idealism, an avant-guard vocalist from New York, and, of course, Istvan Kantor/Monty Cantsin/Amen, taking the role of the eye of Hurricane Neoism.

ONLY FOR THE STRONG: “Magyar Akćio: Totális Expanzio” is an expanded edition of “Magyar Akćio” with unedited versions of the tracks, bonus material and expanded liner notes.

01 The Star Screamin’ Banner (Expanzio)

Recorded at Orczy Kert, Budapest, July 8 1997. Orczy Kert is a crumbling building that used to be an officers' gym, and is now used as a performance space (Neubauten has played there, which probably explains its state of advanced decay), in conjunction with Tilos radio. Tilos means "forbidden" in Hungarian, a reference to its roots as a pirate radio station back in the communist days. Recorded by Gordon W.

Angela Idealism – Voice
BruSex – Guitar
Brian Damage – Moog

02 Unseen (Expanzio)

Recorded at the Greek Church, Vac, July 4 1997. Subtitled “Old Time Religion With A Hard Industrial Beat”.

Our first stop was the small city of Vac, on the banks of the Danube, about 45 minutes out of Budapest. There, the Neoists took over the annual Expanzio festival of performance art. The first day consisted of a press conference, a Neoist "Confusion Action" in a park that used to house a giant statue of Lenin, a trip to a Hungarian scrapyard in search of metal, and a noise improv by Phÿcus in the gallery of the local Cultural Centre (“Beat Beat Heavy”). For the evening’s events, the festival moved to an abandoned church where BruSex, tENT, and Brian did an "unseen" performance where we improvised sound while hidden in the balcony and behind the walls of the church.

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE – Walls, broomstick, Tapes, Voice, Lawnmower
BruSex – Metal
Brian Damage – Metal

03 Cari Amici Neoista (Expanzio)

Recorded at the Tolerancia Festival, Debrecen, July 12 1997.

Our final stop was the eastern Hungarian city of Debrecen, in an agricultural section of the country, surrounded by huge fields of sunflowers. The city's water tank is shaped like a UFO. We were there as part of the Tolerancia Rock Festival, held in a campground just outside the city. It was like Woodstock on a really small budget.

BruSex – Guitar
Brian Damage – Voice, Moog
Jubal Brown - Percussion

04 Sandbox Electrocution Part I (Expanzio)
05 Sandbox Electrocution Part II (Expanzio)

Phÿcus at Black Black Gallery, Budapest. Sandbox Electrocution show, July 7 1997.

For some reason, the gallery was half filled in with sand. We were constantly receiving electrical shocks from our equipment due to the dodgy electrical system at the gallery. This…this is yours said the tech guy as he pointed to two bare wires that would be Brian’s power source.

BruSex – Guitar
Brian Damage – Moog
Ghera - Hammers

06 Beat Beat Heavy (Expanzio)

Recorded at the Cultural Centre Gallery, Vac July 4 1997.

BruSex – Guitar
Brian Damage – Moog
Angela Idealism - Megaphone

Bonus Tracks:

07 Restaurant (Expanzio)

Neoists gather in the back room of a restaurant in Vac, July 5 1997. Chaos ensues! Featuring BruSex, Brian Damage, Monty Cantsin, Angela Idealism, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Jen Carcinoma, Gordon W. and many more!

08 Debrecen Fire Action (Expanzio)

Recorded July 11 1997. Hurricane Neoism struck near the entrance to the Tolerancia Festival: scrap metal banging, flaming bread hats, flaming steam irons, megaphony, book burning, TV smashing, speeches, the works. Featuring Monty, Katia, Jubal, Brian, Gordon, tENT, Jada, Bruce and others. Flaming Bread hats, flaming steam irons, Gordon with a gong, Monty igniting a pile of books to the tune of ‘Blood And Gold’. Scrap metal and megaphone symphony around the flames.

09 Satan’s Fantasy (Expanzio)

Recorded July 11 1997, Tolerancia Rock Festival. Neoists gather around a karaoke machine to deliver a stirring rendition of the Goathead classic. Featuring BruSex, Brian Damage, Jubal Brown and Gordon W.


released July 11, 1997


all rights reserved



Phÿcus Montreal, Québec

Phÿcus was a Canadian industrial / experimental band that existed from 1988 to 2000. Phÿcus transformed from the traditional band format into a network that included over 50 contributors in a dozen locales, with Montreal as its centre of operations. Phÿcus' success was minimal, but their output was prodigious. Now in 2020, Phÿcus is back with a new release, "CrowleyWood". ... more

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