brainmower: art damage remaster

by Phÿcus



In 1993, longtime Phÿcus member Art Damage mastered the first Phÿcus CD, “brainmower”. In the intervening time, mastering technology - and Art Damage's skill - have both considerably improved. This new remaster allows you to hear “brainmower” like never before: Greater clarity! Greater Depth! Bass lines restored!

Stream the entire album for free, pay only for the download. All proceeds go directly to Art Damage.


Phycus was always anti-music and music at the same time. Noise mattered, not being polished and empty. Using humour while staying heavy… rare in industrial music. Practices were “loose.”

Performances could be plagued by technical/equipment issues and less than co-operative sound guys. Mistakes were left in on purpose. They had their own magic and spontaneity. Happy accidents only less happy. Sometimes a complete disregard for tempo or most musical conventions. Sludge-o-rama. Not quite living stereo.

For the early recordings i would think back then “if we could only be really amazing sounding, there are some great songs here!"

Back then not everyone had a studio so it was asking a lot to record in one or get professional mastering done. I didn’t know much about the art of mastering then as well.

Due to a lack of resources and general life issues i was never around for many of the Phycus projects.

As an experiment years later I tried remastering one of my favorite Phycus songs called “Zero Years” and was pleased with the result. Using software exclusively I was able to get closer to my vision of an intense, captivating sound for strong interesting material.

I did a few more tracks.. hmmm. Software becomes inexpensive and powerful…

With approval I got the original audio from the manufactured CD’s Brainmower and Sonderkommando Now!

I was able to extract details time had forgotten and beef up the intensity of the experience. More, basically. I didn’t add any new parts- or edit besides the beginning and end of the songs.

My hope is that you take a second or first listen to PHYCUS and enjoy it more, now.

thank you
art damage

01 This Is The Burn (brainmower remastered)
02 Grandmaster Phÿcus (brainmower remastered)
03 No Power (brainmower remastered)
04 Scars And Meat For Evil (brainmower remastered)
05 Destroy The Earth (brainmower remastered)
06 Blood Crave (brainmower remastered)
07 Endorphinate (brainmower remastered)
08 Re-Tox (brainmower remastered)
09 Tottering Structures (brainmower remastered)
10 Phÿcus Sector (brainmower remastered)
11 No Sleep At All (brainmower remastered)
12 IMC2 (brainmower remastered)
13 Meat Is Might (brainmower remastered)
14 Endorphinate Dub (brainmower remastered)

Bonus Tracks:
15 Faktory Amerika (brainmower remastered)
From the Terra Vox Compilation “Symptom Of A Specific Culture”, 1991.
16 Dominoes (brainmower remastered)
From the Musicus Phÿcus compilation “Multi-Purpose Saws”, 1997.

Brainmower original liner notes :

Phycus is :
Bill Satan, Bill Abominog, Brian Damage, Todd Hunde
using voice synth, samples, percussion, guitar, and anything else that could be banged, scraped, burnt, smashed, or somehow manipulated to produce sound.

with :
Thierry-Uber-Gauthier – guitar on tottering, blood and meat
Foe Noumenon – amplified metal on tottering and blood
Bruce X – lyrics for grandmaster and burn, music for grandmaster and tottering
SKP-553 – lyrics for tottering
Amen – megaphone on meat
Art Damage – mastering

cassettes, lyrics, propaganda, and tissue specimens available

This recording dedicated to all who have contributed musically and morally to Phycus so far :
Scott Righteous, Roland Destruct-O-Vision, Brian L. Bass, Claude Charnier, Foe Nooumemon, Neant, Émission 01, John MxMaster, Slim Dead Body, PhRRR, Taimi, Angelicate, Dave Jones, Slothwrop, Sand, Tiboe, Zen Fly, LQ and the Unknown Neoist.

Phycus says hi to our friends :
The Terra Vox gang, our studio crews, Spike & Steve, Danette, Nikoo, Dave Farris, Laibach, Ze Zinjanthropes, Campus Radio, FCOL, Empty Quarter, Pustule, DHI, Masofik Latas, Pot, Tim, Weldon, all who have been injured a tour shows, Dead Angel, Rob Oliver, Rave, Lamia, Emis Sphere, Frank at Zerobeat, of Tanz Victims, Denise, Monty Cantsin, Gina and Spiel, Sébastien and Neoists everywhere.


released August 11, 2020

Bill Abominog – Metal, Percussion, Vocals (04, 05, 06, 07, 14, 15), Backing Vocals
Brian Damage – Roland S550 Sampler & Sequencer, casio CZ-1000, Guitar (05), Vocals (01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 080, 09, 11, 13, 15, 16)
Bruce X – Lyrics (01, 02), Music (02, 09)
SPK-553 – Lyrics (09), Cover Design, Image Manipulations and Album Layout, under the name “New Machine Graphics”
Thierry Gauthier – Guitar (06, 09, 13, 15, 16)
William “Bill Satan” Davison – Guitar (01, 02, 04, 05, 07, 14)
Foe Noumenon – Amplified Metal (06, 09, 15)
Todd Hunde – Percussion (01, 02, 04, 05, 07, 11, 13, 14)
Istvan Kantor / Monty Cantsin – Megaphone (13)
Art Damage – Mastering
Boris Wanowitch – Images for the original cover, courtesy of Neoist Computer Graphics Conspiracy.

Recorded at Studio DNA, Montreal, engineered by Rob Gauvin, except “Blood Crave”, recorded at studio Kuiharren, engineered by Dan Foley.


all rights reserved



Phÿcus Montreal, Québec

Phÿcus was a Canadian industrial / experimental band that existed from 1988 to 2000. Phÿcus transformed from the traditional band format into a network that included over 50 contributors in a dozen locales, with Montreal as its centre of operations. Phÿcus' success was minimal, but their output was prodigious. Now in 2020, Phÿcus is back with a new release, "CrowleyWood". ... more

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