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“Inferno” was a one-time performance by “Domestic Cremations”, a quartet of musicians affiliated with The Church of Harvey Christ. Much like the SubGenius, The Church of Harvey Christ was a parody religion, founded by Greyson Walker and Randy Peters. Members of the church included a diverse group of artists, writers and musicians who would gather at Randy’s place on Sundays to read “holy scripts” and share “communion”. Besides the members of “Domestic Cremations”, regular churchgoers included Joellen Housego, Louis Rastelli, Lisa Gamble and Rufus Wainwright. The scripts consisted of whatever the speaker felt like reading – a work of their own, an excerpt from a book, or a rant on any topic, real, obscure or imaginary – and the communion consisted of beer and chips. Beyond its parody trappings, these meetings served as a kind of church – in terms of the community it brought together - without religious dogma. Kind of like the Unitarians without the stuffiness.

The show consisted of the musicians jamming while a tape of deconstructed loops and images from the film “Towering Inferno” played in the background. The video component was assembled by Jason, with help from Louis. The show happened at Bar Fly, Montreal in the spring or summer of 1996.

Shortly after this recording, Pam and Greyson moved to Vancouver, Jason moved to Switzerland and Brian moved to Ottawa. This recording marks the end of an era in The Church of Harvey Christ and in the Montreal music scene, especially since Corpusse and Knurl had both moved to Toronto around the same time. The church continues to this day with Randy Peters and Jan Desrosiers as its guiding force.


released May 22, 2000

Pam Dun– Vocals
Jason “Splodge” – guitar, tapes, video
Greyson Walker – keyboard
Brian Damage – Moog MG-1, Theremin

Video edited by Jason 'Splodge' and Louis Rastelli
Cover image taken from the video.



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