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Phÿcus was always working on new material and the next release. During the period 1999 to 2000, they had begun work on the follow-up to META. One idea was to do a power electronics album with a Satanist kitsch theme, based loosely on the Saw Gallery II sound, called “UltraSatan”. This idea was finally abandoned, since Phÿcus has already fully explored the Satanist kitsch theme on “X” and the project was re-titled UltraNothing.

The project was abandoned with the dissolution of the band, but several tracks were recorded in studio and as demos. They are assembled here for the first time.

Part One – The Singles:

01 I Kill You! I Kill You! I Kill You! – 7-inch Version
02 I Kill You! I Kill You! I Kill You! – LP Version
These two tracks were recorded at the same time as the material for META, and the 7-inch version was released on a split single with Vita Verbum Lux on the Canadian grindcore/noise label, Spasmoparapsychotic. An alternate mix, the LP version was also recorded.

03 The Monster Mash
04 The Phÿcus Mash
05 UltraNothing
These three tracks were recorded at Studio Nicotine in Montreal in spring 2000, engineered by Candil. The Monster Mash was released on a 4 way split 7-inch with Detroit Metal, Corpusse and the American Devices. While The Monster mash may seem to be one of Phÿcus’ more “pop” tunes, a listen to the instrumental version, The Phÿcus mash, reveals that there is actually no music in the song at all.

Part Two – Demos of Tracks for the Album:

06 The Mask
Based loosely on the theme song of the film of the same name.

07 Power For Power
Originally recorded for a compilation of Swans covers. The track was supposed to be sent to the compilation dude by FTP, but something didn’t work out technically and the song never reached the guy.

08 Nuclear War
Cover of the Sun Ra track. This was the last ever recording by Phÿcus.

Bonus – Demos Recorded 1999 and 2000:

09 Nuclear Winter
Early version of Nuclear War.

10 The Monster Mash - Demo

11 Ultra-Nothing - Demo

12 Inna Cappa Da Breton
Starting in 1998, Brian Damage made a trilogy of films documenting his trips back to Cape Breton to visit his family for the Christmas holidays. This song is vaguely based on Inna Godda Da Vida and was the theme song for the final act of the trilogy. Not only was it one of the last Phÿcus tracks, but also served as the basis for the first Unireverse song.


released March 15, 2001

Brian Damage – Roland S-550 Sampler and Sequencer, Casio CZ-1, Moog MG-1, Acetone Rhythm Ace, Vocals (01, 02, 03, 07, 08)

Jester Sven (Dave Brown) – Roland Juno 60 (low frequency specialist), Feedback Devices

Otis Wound (Jason Chambers) – Roland Jupiter-8 (high frequency specialist), Electric Hammers, Vocals (11)

Chloë Lum – Theremin, Metal, Vocals (01, 02, 03)
Steve Markowsky – Metal, Power Tools

James Hamilton – Sonic Blasts (01, 02)

SPK-553 – Mastering (01)

BruSex – Artwork for the “I Kill You! I Kill You! I Kill You!” 7-inch
S. – Photography for the “I Kill You! I Kill You! I Kill You!” 7-inch
There are four versions of the cover art – collect them all!

Rick Trembles – Artwork for the Monster Mash 7-inch

Rob Denton, Studio DnA – Engineering (01, 02)
Candi, Studio Nicotine – Engineering and Production (03, 04, 05)



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Phÿcus Montreal, Québec

Phÿcus was a Canadian industrial / experimental band that existed from 1988 to 2000. Phÿcus transformed from the traditional band format into a network that included over 50 contributors in a dozen locales, with Montreal as its centre of operations. Phÿcus' success was minimal, but their output was prodigious. This page is a work in progress to document everything ever recorded by the band. ... more

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